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Cx Advisory

Kainjoo consultants will guide you on where you are and were you should go, establishing a strategic roadmap to customer centricity.

Customer Excellence

Kainjoo is able to setup the various elements of a great customer care center, from the martech-stack, methodologies or people, our project team is ready to help.

Community Management

Kainjoo expertise in digital marketing will help your brand on-board or scale on social media platforms.


Kainjoo establishes a dedicated team for handling your dropshipping and/or marketplace business, from logistics to complaints.

International desk

Someone has an issue? Let our international call centers associates deal with your customer requests and process them in a centralised CRM.

Surveys & NPS scoring

Is your NPS at risk? Assess your current maturity in customer satisfaction by running a survey on a sample through our team.

Virtual teams staffing

Kainjoo sources and train your near-shore or off-shore customer facing teams to garantee a high-level of service.

Data Privacy Officer

Kainjoo operates as your in-house DPO and handles your DPIAs and certifications.