Can you offshore your creative studio?

Can you offshore your creative studio?
February 1, 2016 Haider

Thing is when you hear the recent trends of micro-jobs, and the easiness to just buy a logo out there on the web, many brands are now tempted to go into the marketplace model. If not, then costs are pushing departments to re-visit their procurement strategy and seek new vendors. But are you willing to sacrifice the essence of an idea? The consistency of a concept? The attention to details?

Offshoring can means quality but often creativity is short
Let’s get this one out of the discussion: yes. You can actually get good results by offshoring to agencies and studios very far from where you are and especially Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. There are no surprises: good talents are everywhere and with the boundaries off thanks to Youtube, tutorials and guide, a determined individual can become after a while a solid designer and creative thinker. The issue of offshoring was for a long time quality but now it is not. They have the volume, they have the people and the skills so for some activities, it is even more interesting to go that direction. Where it fails short is Creative Direction. Starting from a blank sheet. Finding the big idea, the one that works in any country, taking the heart by storm, the mind by speed.

Nearshoring; a happy medium that is still tricky to setup
You found a team of creative people 1h flight from your place. They could cost you but you are happy with the results and you are now seeking to kill some costs. One way is to keep the Creative Direction and Artistic Direction separated from the pur production work. This will lead you to more project management but potentially saving a significant amount of money if you have the volume (scaling to many countries or channels). One thing though: you are still relying on people. People could be solutions but most of the time they are the problem. Finding a team close to you happy to work with foreign studios is not an easy task. You could try to work with a network agency but here again the costs of the management coming above the usual rate will burden you.

What about AI?

At the end is all about trust and results



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